Anti Carbonation Coating

Anti Carbonation Coating

The anti-carbonation coating provides a shield to the concrete against the carbonation of the surface. We protect the masonry work of concrete from carbonation by the exposure to carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and chlorine ions.
We provide acrylic resin based coating that prevents the wear and tear of the concrete surfaces and their components. It is critical and crucial to manage anti-carbonation of the surfaces. It retains the vigor of the original structure and makes it look attractive, besides reducing the cost of maintenance.

The concrete structures like beams, columns, slab, and restraining RCC walls also require anti-carbonation coating.

The applications of anti-carbonation

The anti-carbonation has applications in flyovers and bridges, as also in overhead tanks, industrial and power plants.

Advantages of anti-carbonation coating

  • Durable structures
  • Stable structures
  • Allows moisture to seep out
  • Deals effectively with minor cracks