Carbon Laminate

Carbon Laminate

Carbon Laminate an everlasting and effective solution to structural damage

As carbon is a heavily bonded atom, with hardly any free electrons that could be easily knocked over, so when it forms bonds, they are stiff and strong. Moreover, hardened plastic is used with pure carbon in bonding.

So, naturally Carbon can lend strength to structures for industrial purposes whose repair and rehabilitation is quite strong and good. For the defective structures, carbon laminate comes as a very useful technique. They are known to be water and chemical resistant, and lend durability to the industrial structures. For seismic retrofitting carbon laminate comes as handy means and material.

Carbon fiber along with carbon laminate act as one the best structure strengthening materials and offer the very best of techniques. Carbon laminate doesn’t put on dead weight to the structure.

The benefits of carbon fiber laminates

  • Strengthen the structure.
  • Don’t add deadweight to the structure.
  • Good against seismic activity.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Improves the appearance of the industrial structure.
  • Low cost.