Polymer Modified Mortar Contractors

Polymer Modified Mortar Contractors

Concrete structures might deteriorate because of corrosion, or there is no demand for an increase of loading capacity; the polymer modified mortars can be used in such cases. When the structures were constructed with a concrete mix having minimum strength of 20 N/mm2, there is an opportunity of using polymer modified mortar with a compressive strength of 25 N/Mm2.

Retrofitting of Buildings

Wrapping of columns can be used in old structures which don’t have sufficient ductile columns or they are spaces as far as 16 inches apart. With wrapping of columns the structure can bear more movement which reflects the strength induced by the column wrapping.

The main problems the industrial structure face in retrofitting are

  • Air leakage
  • Rising dampness
  • Overheating
  • Under ventilation

Usually force based retrofitting methods are used as seismic retrofitting demands force tolerance.
The optimization techniques help in making the retrofitting the most efficient. The existing buildings can be thickened by adding bricks, concrete and steel while retrofitting which takes into consideration various environmental factors.