Micro Concrete Jacketing

Micro Concrete Jacketing

Jacketing the Structural Components

Jacketing is the process by which additional materials are added to the existing structure so as to make it strong. This will result in strength while the structure becomes durable.

DIfferent types of Jacketing

The different types of Jacketing include

  • Column jacketing
    Jacketing of reinforced columns increases its capacity. It increases the shear and axial strength of columns.
  • Concrete Jacketing
    Concrete jacketing is applied to concrete structures. It increases the capacity of concrete structures to withstand the load.
  • Beam Jacketing
    Beam relates to the continuity in columns, and the beam jacketing strengthens the columns with the aid of a beam.

    The beam jacketing safeguards the structure against many mishaps like

    1. Design errors
    2. Concrete deficiency
    3. Earthquakes or environmental factors.
  • FRP Jacketing
    Fiber reinforced polymer is successful in shear strengthening of confined structure. Useful for seismic activities.