Spray Polymer Coating

Spray Polymer Coating

In spray polymer cement-based repair mortar is used which yields a high strength and reduced rebound, thereby giving thickness up to 150mm in a single spray. It is ready to use sprayable technique with polymer-based mortar pressure sprayed. The repair work happens at a quick speed and within 28 days, the mortar achieves a strength up to 40N/mm2. There is no additional material required for the spray polymer which saves the cost.


  • You can reinstall columns with spray polymer
  • It is suitable for
    1. Cement silos and chimneys
    2. Waterfront structures
    3. Dams
    4. Irrigation canals etc.

Rehabilitation with spray polymer

Repair is one of the aspects of rehabilitation, which refers to the modification of the industrial structure that is otherwise caving in or is damaged. It is one of the significant activities of construction, as the foundation of building is affected by it. The main activities involved in the repairs are

  • Rust removal & Steel Protection
  • Affected plaster removal
  • Damaged concrete removal
  • Polymer Coating
  • Grouting
  • Repairing the masonry cracks
  • Column Jacketing
  • Repairing RCC Cracks

Advantages of Rehabilitation of Structures

  • Easy removal of cracked and loose concrete.
  • Proper support of the structure
  • Application of protective coatings over the repaired surface.
  • Reinstating the strength of the structure
  • Increase in the performance of structure
  • Lengthens the structure life
  • Better appearance and aesthetically appealing