Structural Repairs & Strengthening

Structural Repairs & Strengthening

The significance of structural repairs

Various forces, both external and internal, act upon the industrial structures to cause them wear and tear, because of which the industrial structures might cave into their own pressure. Structural repairs are important, and most of the time play a crucial role towards the success of industrial processes. You must monitor the condition of the structure from time to time, which is a good policy in structure management and for performing structural repairs. The main things that repair and rehabilitation include are damage fixing and modification of the structure.

The rehabilitation of the industrial edifice and repair of structures begin with the weakening of structural components, as they get damaged with time. A damaged and weakened structure demands immediate attention, and you must perform structural repairs on them to prevent the weakened structures from collapsing altogether. In case you ignore the repairs, the maintenance costs might increase. So, pay full attention to the condition of the industrial structures.

What activities do we engage in at JKS Engineering?

Our engineers engage and carry on with multitude of activities of which the structural repairs are paramount, as we provide repairs to debilitating structures and cracks in the walls of the industrial edifices.
It requires engineering expertise and skillfulness to restore the structures to their original form and condition. We are thorough with the engineering knowledge required to maintain the structures, and only after careful study that we undertake the project.

Our repair services

The repair of structures causes changes in them, and their maintenance must be followed as per the safety rules and standards that we always adhere to.

The structural repair services that we undertake are

  • Carbon fiber wrapping
  • Glass fiber wrapping
  • Carbon laminates
  • Spray polymers
  • Thixotropic polymer mortar
  • Micro concrete jacketing
  • Normal concrete jacketing
  • Epoxy injection grouting
  • Epoxy mortar repairing
  • Underwater Repairing & Grouting

JKS Engineering Services have successfully completed many industrial structural repair projects with special mention to 270m chimneys & NDCT Cooling tower, as our engineers are well bred and thorough with in-depth modern research on every aspect of structural repairs for any industry.

Some important structural repair techniques

Column Jacketing
It is a technique used to increase the strength of existing structural members (e.g., Columns, Beams etc.) Column Jacketing is a method of structural retrofitting and strengthening. It is used to increase bearing load capacity.

Beam Jacketing
It is the process of strengthening weak RCC columns which have deteriorated over some time due to adverse atmospheric conditions or due to poor maintenance of the structure.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer
One of the most commonly used methods for retrofitting is Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) jacketing. Steel jacketing is also an effective method to increase basic strength capacity.

At JKS Engineering, we have an expert team of civil engineers and technicians who are well trained in every aspect of structural engineering to provide suitable solution after deeply analyzing the condition of your structures.